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The Regional Water Cooperative of Pierce County Benefits everyone:

We work to find and implement solutions to water resource problems on behalf of our members and all water utility customers in Pierce County.


Communications/Social Committee

This Committee manages: Website, member applications and information, membership roster and information notebooks, printed outreach materials (folders, brochures, etc.) wages & benefits comparison, insurance, joint training/education, newsletter, social events, awards.

Chair:  Burt Clothier

Meeting days/Times: 4th Thursday @ 9:00 a.m., via Teams.

Emergency Management Committee

This Committee manages:  Emergency management, emergency preparedness, and mutual aid. This committee maintains a database of materials, equipment, and personnel that may be available to aid other systems during an event or an emergency.


Chair:   Dan Sleeth

Equipment/Resource Sharing Committee

This Committee Manages:  Joint purchasing, leak detection equipment and contracts, hydro excavation contracts, sample stations, reservoir cleaning contact, engineering services, hydro geologic services, joint training, mutual aid.

Chair:  Ed Jidas

Meeting days/times: 3rd or 4th Tuesday @ 10:00 a.m.;  Meetings held at Fruitland Mutual Water Co., Firgrove Mutual Water Co., or Mt. View Edgewood Water Co.

Executive Committee

This Committee manages: Employees, membership, budgets, dues policy, real property, committees, other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Chair:  Larry Jones

Legislative Committee

This Committee manages: Legislative agenda, bill development and response, legislator education, lobbyist, coalition building, local, state and federal regulation evaluation/response.

Chair:  Jeff Johnson

Technical Committee

This Committee manages: Best management practices, policies, lease documents, regulations, compliance strategies, treatment analysis, emergency procedures.

Chair:  Ben Lee

Water Quality Committee

This Committee manages:  Water Quality and sampling, fluoride, regulation, compliance strategies, best management practices, technical staff.

Chair:  Craig Downs

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